Want To Know More About Wiki? – Ask Semalt Expert

Wikipedia or simply Wiki is one of the largest and most famous websites in the world. Unlike other websites, it is not operated by any sophisticated company but by the leaderless collection of volunteers who have been working under the pseudonyms. It rarely tries some new things and hopes to lure more and more visitors every day. In fact, this website has changed the fate of the internet and has more than ten billion pages on the English version of the site.

Oliver King, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, adds that when some events take place in the world, such as the Boston Marathon, Wiki publishes it within hours. As there is no information source like Wikipedia, various online services and websites depend on it to collect data. If you search something in Google or Bing and ask sites like Siri, you will only get the tidbits of information, but Wikipedia provides you with complete details of what's going on in the world.

However, volunteers that created this project need to protect it from the hoaxes, manipulation, and vandalism. Since 2007, Wikipedia has been hit by false stories, and various participants are unable to fix the flaws that keep this site from becoming the best and top-notch encyclopedia of the world. The most prominent problems Wikipedia has had are its entries to the Pokemon and porn websites. It even has its pages on the female blogs and sites that are not legitimate at any cost. It is believed that more than ninety percent of people operating the site belong to suspicious companies and they deter newcomers who might be interested in Wikipedia's stuff.

The Wikipedia Foundation recently started a rescue mission and cannot order the volunteers to change the way they operate. Regardless of all these problems, users still believe that Wikipedia is the best information source and the site matters to various editors and students who want to search something related to their projects or assignments. Encyclopaedia Britannica charges up to $70 per year for the online access to more than 120,000 articles and offers a handful of free entries with lots of pop up ads and banners. On the other hand, Wiki does not irritate its users with lots of banner ads and pop-ups. When the website was launched in 2001, it did not intend to be the major information source on the internet. Wales, the financial trader, and entrepreneur collaborated with Larry Sanger, a philosophy Ph.D., on the website and boosted Nupedia, which is a free encyclopedia on the internet. Wales depended on the contributions from his seniors while boosting Nupedia and covered a range of topics on it. Nupedia offers an extensive collection, but only thirteen articles on topics like Virgil and the Donegal traditions are available to the users. In contrast, Wales and Sanger hope that Wikipedia is the only source where the users can find loads of information, and it will easily generate fresh articles that experts and research scholars will love.

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